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Don Burnham: Apple and Google and Gold EP/CD
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Lost Weekend Live! Swingin’ Out West CD
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Lost Weekend: Harbor Lights and Cowboy Blues CD
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1. Apple and Google and Gold
2. A Dog's Life
3. The Driving Lesson

Don Burnham, backed by musicians from LOST WEEKEND Western Swing Band, record Don's song APPLE AND GOOGLE AND GOLD at Bay Records. Nicknamed "The Wall Street Waltz," the A & G & G song was debuted by Don at the Fall ’08 Strawberry Music Festival, Yosemite CA. APPLE AND GOOGLE AND GOLD has just been made available on a nifty EP compact disc, along with two additional Don Burnham original songs.

21 Years of Western Swing
1. TwinkleStar
2. Swingin' Out West
3. Time Changes Everything
4. Carry Me Back To The Lone Prairie
5. My Window Faces the South
6. Rose Room
7. Yearning
8. Trouble in Mind
9. Won't You Ride In My Little Red Wagon
10. Blues for Dixie
11. Girls Go Crazy 'Bout The Way I Walk
12. Harbor Lights
13. Caravan
14. Redwing

Steel Guitar — Bobby Black, Vance Terry
Lead Guitar — Mark Holzinger, Jimmie Rivers, Clint Strong, Chris Grampp
Rhythm Guitar — Don Burnham
Fiddle — Paul Anastasio, Kevin Wimmer, Jeremy Cohen
Piano — Doug Harman, Shota Osabe
Bass — Bing Nathan, Steven Strauss
Drums — John Brinck, "Buffalo Bill" Maginnis, Johnnie Cuviello
Mandolin — John Reischman, Johnny Gimble
Reeds — Jim Rothermel, Phil Howe
Cornet — Bob Schulz
Trumpet — Jack Minger
Trombone— Bob Mielke, Dan Barrett
Vocalists —Don Burnham, Laurie Lewis, Rick Dougherty, Bruce Stelter, Bobby Black, Melissa Collard, Steven Strauss

1. Cowboy Blues
2. A Maiden's Prayer
3. Baby That Sure Would Go Good
4. New Panhandle Rag
5. South
6. Harbor Lights
7. Won't You Ride in My Little Red Wagon
8. What a Little Moonlight Can Do
9. Beaumont Rag
10. Dinah
11. You're OK
12.Jesusita/Jesse Polka
13. Take the "A" Train
14. Cowboy Waltz
15. Faded Love

Fiddle — Paul Anastasio, Kevin Wimmer
Steel Guitar — Bobby Black
Rhythm Guitar — Don Burnham
Lead Guitar — Mark Holzinger
Bass — Bing Nathan
Piano — Shota Osabe
Trombone — Kevin Porter
Reeds — Jim Rothermel
Drums — Trey Sabatelli
Cornet — Bob Schulz
Featured Vocalist — Melissa Collard
Vocal performances — Don Burnham, Bob Schulz,
Tony Marcus, Bobby Black
Musical arrrrangements — Jim Rothermel, Paul Anastasio, Kevin Wimmer, Don Burnham
Produced by — Don Burnham

  Click to read Johnny Gimble's & Rich O'Brien's album notes for HARBOR LIGHTS AND COWBOY BLUES
LOST WEEKEND LIVE! recorded by Lou Judson (Intuitive Audio) and Paul Kealoha Blake (East Bay Media Center).Mixed and mastered at Studio D Recording, Sausalito CA, Joel Jaffe engineer.
HARBOR LIGHTS AND COWBOY BLUES recorded and mixed at Studio D Recording, Sausalito, CA, Joel Jaffe engineer.